Education & Count with squirrel Nibbles

No tedious tasks, similar tests, etc. Only fascinating games with exciting plots.
Play-based learning
Your child will learn to count to five in a playful way. No boring tasks! Only adventures with the squirrel Nibbles, in which the child himself understands what a number is, remembers the number and learns to count.
Scientific approach
We don't have energetic music and toxic colors. We developed our app collectively with pediatric neuropsychologists, teachers, specialists, which helped us perfectly adjust it for kids.
You will receive recommendations for lessons with your child, which were compiled by experienced psychologists and teachers. Recommendations are calculated individually based on the statistics of passing the levels.
You'll like it
Do you want to help your kid to develop thinking, logic, and learn numbers? Do you want to do it with pleasure and fun, without nerves and tears? If "yes" is the answer, then "Counting with Nibbles" is the thing that will help you with this task.

Our app is not just a game for kids. We included entertaining activities and learning how to count in "Counting with Nibbles" and created a perfect assistant for you that will help with educating your toddler.

Download our educational game for children and make sure that this is the best app for developing your toddler's mind!

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